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Filstäler in Ulm much decorated

The offspring of the LG FIlstal operates at the regional championships as a diligent title and medal collector.

At the regional all-round championship U 16 in Ulm, the junior athletes from the circle in the eight age groups won eight gold, six silver and six bronze medals as well as another ten places in the top five.

M 12:Chris Vilirillo (LG Filstal) landed in the four-man fight of the boys thanks to good jumping results of 1.40m in the high jump and 4.34m in the long jump in third place (1606 points). Teammate Collin Hommel finished fourth with 1531 points and had his best discipline in the long jump with 4.16m.

M 13:Behind winner Kevin Wagenblast of the LG Staufen (1764 points) convinced the Felix Felix Pätzold (1748 points) especially with a 4,80m long jump and a high jump of 1,48m, which earned him the silver medal in the final ranking. Teammate Lenni Schreitmüller finished fifth with 1571 points.

M 14:Also runner-up in the four-legged was Samuel Maurer (LGF / 1793 points), who presented over 100 meters the class time of 13.13 seconds and in the jumps convincing (1.52m high, 4.64m far). Only just behind lay Jakub Berus (TS Göppingen), who also jumped 1.52m high and came in the final bill to 1781 points. Cornelius Göser (LGF) made a long jump and came to seventh place without a valid attempt (1098). In the Neunkampf few athletes were at the start, some gave up, this brought Göser (2765) even bronze.

In the team classification U 14 Vierkampf stood with Pätzold, Villirillo and Schreitmüller in the end three LG Filstal multi-fighters on the podium at the top. With the total score of 4925, the trio left the TSV Erbach (4909) and the LG Staufen (4718) surprisingly behind.

M 15:Ben Heller (LGF) was the outstanding multi-fighter in this age group with outstanding individual performances and a total of 2035 points. Above all, his 100m sprint (12.03) and his long jump (5.44m) gave him the lead over Max Baur of SSV Ulm (1946 points). The bronze medal also went to a LGF athlete; Lukas Broneske scored 1877 points.

With Heller, Broneske and Maurer there was the next title for the LG Filstal in the team classification U 16-Vierkampf. With 5705 points she distanced SSV Ulm (5476) and LG Staufen (4419).

W 12:The LG Filstal placed in this age group, the clearly superior athletes who exceeded their expectations with their triple success. Alanna Stäudle was with 1762 points (75m sprint 10.95, high jump 1.44m) strongest of the trio. Ricarda Hommel snatched silver with her high jump of 1.44m and a total score of 1736 points, just ahead of the fastest sprinter of the entire field. Finja Willnich ran 10.86 over 75m and was just five points behind teammate Hommel.

W 14:There was a double victory for the LGF here. Carla Kussmaul won the title in the four-fight (2070) with strong jump performances. In the long jump her farthest set was measured with 4.72m and in the high jump she shone with crossed 1.64m. Teammate Amelie Frech jumped 1.56m and sprinted excellent 13.18 seconds over 100m. Her four-out of 2036 points earned her the runner-up. The same order was also in the heptathlon. At the end of the second day of competition Frech (3433) tried everything with a brilliant 800m-run of 2: 39,30 minutes – but Kußmaul’s result of 3478 points was not to be surpassed.

W 15:With 2052 points Mara Mauser came from the LGF in third place in the four-man fight. Her most points came with a 5,16m long jump. With 5.27m Mia Herrmann jumped a little further, but despite her supersprint of 12.62 over 100 meters, she only came in fourth because of a weaker high jump (1997 points). Clairline Liebl also cracked the 13-second mark over 100m (12.92) and finished sixth with 1977 points. It was better for them in the heptathlon, in which they fought in fourth place (3389). For Mara Mauser, things also continued to move forward. After seven disciplines, she could no longer catch the winner Jule Müller SSV Ulm (3487), but reached with a great hurdle sprint of 12.44 seconds 3487 points, which brought her second place.

Another title for the circle was in the team classification U 16-Vierkampf. Kussmaul, Mauser and Naughty were with 6158 points 174 points in front of the SSV Ulm and 389 in front of their teammates Herrmann, Liebl and Brenner. Also in the heptathlon classification Kussmaul, Mauser and Frech were at the top. With 10 398 points, they referred the Ulm women with 40 points ahead of second place. The LG Filstal II (Liebl, Marchtaler and Rzeznik) finished fifth with 9051 points.

Vandeweghe besiegt Garcia im Finale der Stuttgarter Open

STUTTGART, Germany – CoCo Vandeweghe beat Caroline Garcia 6-4, 6-2 on Saturday, becoming the first American to reach the final of the Stuttgart Open since Lindsay Davenport in 2005.

In the final on Sunday, she meets fifth-placed Karolina Pliskova.

Pliskova beat six aces and turned three of their eight break chances into a 6: 4, 6: 2 against Anett Kontaveit from Estonia in the other semi-final.

Vandeweghe, the world’s number 1 player on Friday, Simona Halep, lost just two points behind her first serve and never had a break-ball against sixth-placed Garcia.

„It’s a good job of mine, and I can pat myself on the back, because that’s a really good performance for me,“ Vandeweghe said.

Vandeweghe, a wildcard entry, turned all three break chances when she took her third top 10 win of the week and advanced to her first clay court final.

Vandeweghe and Pliskova will get their first individual title of the year.

Erˆffnung des neuen Google-Entwicklungszentrums in M¸nchen

Von wegen skinny! Was Frauen im Fitness-Studio wirklich wollen

Ein paar Pfunde wegtrainieren? Vielleicht auch mal jemanden kennenlernen? Weit gefehlt. In Wirklichkeit zieht es Frauen aus einem anderen Grund in Fitness-Studios. Eine Befragung hat nun ein überraschendes Ergebnis gebracht.

Warum trainieren Frauen im Fitness-Studio? Viele würden darauf klar antworten: Weil sie abnehmen und sich schlank fühlen wollen. Bedeutet: Viel Training mit Ausdauergeräten, wenig Schufterei mit Hanteln.

Denkste. Denn eine Studie hat nun ergeben, dass immer mehr Frauen die Cardio-Geräte links liegen lassen und stattdessen mit Hantelstangen und freien Gewichten trainieren.

Die meisten Frauen wollen: Muskeln aufbauen

Für die Studie „Frauenfitness in Deutschland 2016″hat das Unternehmen „Fitogram“ 578 junge Frauen (Durchschnittsalter: 23,4 Jahre) rund um das Thema Fitnesstraining befragt.

Erˆffnung des neuen Google-Entwicklungszentrums in M¸nchen

dpaEine Frau macht Übungen im Fitness-Studio

Es wurden unter anderem die Gründe für eine (Nicht)-Mitgliedschaft im Fitnessstudio sowie die Trainingshäufigkeit, Fitnessziele, gewünschte Fitnessstudio-Ausstattung, das zur Verfügung stehende Budget und aktuelle Fitnesstrends abgefragt.

Jemanden kennenlernen? Das will fast keine

Knapp 74 Prozent der Befragten möchten in erster Linie Muskeln aufbauen. Fast genauso viele (71 Prozent) trainieren für einen attraktiven Körper.

Nur 46 Prozent möchten durch das Training abnehmen und nur 8 Prozent gehen ins Fitnessstudio, um neue Leute kennen zu lernen. Viele Fitnessstudios reagieren auf diesen Wandel und bieten vermehrt Functional-Training und Freihantel-Konzepte an.